Quality Policy


To be able to reach quality, cost and time targets on the basis of continuous development and customer orientation principles.
To be open to development
To determine and to follow all the aims within the framework of continuous development,
To maintain the continuous development that will establish process approach,
Continuous improvement, to enable ‘KAIZEN’ studies.
To ensure continuous developments of our suppliers by training them and to include them continuous improvement studies.
Company Partners’ Satisfaction
Customer Orientation
To identify customer requirements properly.
Compliance with the quality, cost and time objectives specified.
Employee Satisfaction
To provide training opportunities that will enhance the qualification and the performance of employees,
To create a peaceful, healthy and productive work environment,
To maximize the motivation by using the ideas of the staff,
To strengthen the internal and external communication in the company.
To increase the financial power by enhancing the efficiency of the company,
To increase the growth rate,
To increase the market share and competitive power.
Our goal is to reinforce the customer satisfaction with the happiness of our employee and profitability of our company by manufacturing quality products on time and economically.